I recently needed a proctor for my MBA mid-term exam, and I wanted it to happen on a weekend since I didn’t want to take a day off from my work for the exam. I found Alma Mater through a reference, and I immediately wrote to them for my proctoring need. Paul responded promptly and after we agreed upon the terms, he started the process right away to set up my exam schedule for the very next weekend available. Within a couple of days, I was done with the process and was able to enroll for my next courses since Paul had submitted the exam back to the institution on the same day that I took the exam, and I received the graded results quickly. I have to add here that I was very pleased after meeting Paul. He came across a very thorough professional and nice person to work with. Since Paul provides college counseling also to the high schoolers, I am certainly going to engage him for my older daughter’s college ambitions so that she can get the right direction and guidance to pursue her educational goals, and career.

For anyone who is looking out there for tutoring or proctoring services, look no further than Alma Mater. You will be very pleased with your decision.

Good luck Paul. Keep up the great work!