Services Overview

Services Overview


Pre-College Planning

Includes review of high school courses (AP/International Baccalaureate options), extracurriculars, community service, summer experience, internship, and work experiences.

Additionally, we provide advice regarding standardized testing (which tests to take when & investment in prep courses).

We also provide a recommended reading list to help build vocabulary and comprehension skills before these important exams.


College Selection

We look at crucial aspects that impact this decision and we don’t take it lightly! We consider student preferences such as college types, locations, culture, career interests, and possible majors.

We consider our parent’s concerns too by paying close attention to financial considerations, providing “insider” resources about colleges, and helping with college visit planning. Each student brings different strengths and we focus on highlighting transcript scores, class ranks, and using those to our advantage when applying.

We provide the tools needed to help you create your college wish list, including safety schools, match, and reach schools.


Application Process

This is our chance to work together to apply what we learned during the selection process. We provide advice regarding recommendation letters as well as early decision, admission, and action options.

Together we create an application timeline that includes nailing the essay topics, resumes, websites, and alumni admissions interviews.

Throughout the process, we ensure that we focus on the individual needs of your child, such as special needs and circumstances and financial aid.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

With expert advice and experience we help you find the most appropriate scholarship and hone your scholarship essays so that you stand out among the applicants.

We provide financial aid resources and guidance on the FAFSA and CSS Profile.


Decision Making

You’ve received your offers and are not sure where to go yet. We help plan admitted student visits, walk you through the waitlist protocol, and negotiate offer packages.

We review all admissions offers and assist you with making the best decision for your unique future.

Credentials and Affiliations