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Experienced Proctoring Services in Los Angeles for public and private high schools, colleges and universities.

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👁️ We offer Proctoring Services in Los Angeles in a secure and monitored environment. Local students taking classes or training through other colleges and institutions by correspondence or other long-distance methods often are required to take monitored exams.


🛡️ Alma Mater provides EXPERIENCED SUPERVISION and a SECURE TESTING ENVIRONMENT for those exams. Various types of organizations make use of this important service.


📆 The institution requiring the student to take an exam dictates the requirements for the proctor, the student, and the nature of any accommodations. Alma Mater makes every effort to meet these requirements and we are available 7 DAYS A WEEK.

1,000 + schools

With over 12 years of experience invigilating exams for over 1000 colleges and universities from around the world, students can be assured their exams will be managed from start to finish.

7 days a week

We proctor exams 7 days a week and work with our student’s individual schedules. We will provide you with a computer in the event that you may not use your personal laptop.

0% stress

We take pride in our professionalism. Our focus is ensuring that we fulfill every condition of the instructor’s testing requirement and we will be in touch at every stage of the testing process to ensure accuracy and a stress-free experience.


Alma Mater is committed to ensuring we adhere to the standards and testing conditions required by your institution.

We provide students with clear instructions and maintain contact to ensure that test materials are sent and/or received to meet all deadlines.


We are prompt, professional, and committed to maintaining National College Testing Association (NCTA) standards.

We maintain standardized testing practices which are followed in colleges and universities throughout the world.


Your student ID card or other photo identification must be presented on the day of the exam in addition to any other required documentation as required by the institution to verify your identity.

Please call us at (310) 622 4591 if you have any questions about this unique and important service.


Most frequent questions and answers

We meet our students at a conveniently located library in the Los Angeles area.


Proctor Services Los Angeles

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Proctor Services Los Angeles

You must notify your school that you have nominated Alma Mater Educational Services to proctor your upcoming exam(s).

Forward us any required proctor approval forms or certifications to have completed. Request for the exam(s) to be sent from the originating college or university to Alma Mater at in**@al*******.net.

Proctor Services Los Angeles

In addition to being a current member in good standing of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), Paul Nicholas is also a UCLA Extension certificated College Counselor and Independent Educational Consultant.

Paul is a member of HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association) and NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling).


Proctor Services Los Angeles

Proctoring services are arranged by appointment only and we do not accept walk-ins.


Proctor Services Los Angeles