What People Are Saying

What people say

Paul took me in right away and guided me through the entire process of not only the applications themselves but everything else that had to be done in order to get into my preferred college.
Paul and Alma Mater have been a huge help academically to me over the years, through my transfer college application process and through connecting me with fantastic tutors during high school.
- Sydney S. ~ Pacific Palisades High School
So thankful I found Paul, who went the extra mile to make this happen.
- Saida E. ~ ASL Proctoring
This tutor referral was a godsend. Paul found my nephew a tutor last minute. Alma Mater was not only cost effective, they were able to get my nephews SAT scores up by 25%.
- Oliver A. ~ Uncle of California High School student
After my family hired him as a college counselor for both my sister and myself, Paul's round-the-clock assistance aided me in getting into my dream school.
- Sophia C. ~ Village Christian School
Alma Mater Educational Services is the most professional proctor I've had the pleasure of working with in Los Angeles.  Paul Nicholas, the President, has been particularly helpful and accommodating, especially during tight deadlines to schedule an exam.  I highly endorse them and urge everyone to consider using their services.
- Sean B. ~ Harvard Extension student
This review is long overdue, but I wanted everyone to know how great it was working with Paul and Alma Mater! I have twins who are now successfully entering their junior year in college (time really does fly). Both were a product of a top tier private high school in LA. While we were one of the lucky ones who could take this route, we were less than pleased with
- Dr. Ruchi M. ~ Parent of Brentwood School students
Paul made the college application process so UN-overwhelming for us! He broke the whole process down into smaller, manageable parts for my applicant and really held our hand through every step.
- Emily V. ~ Auntie of Hamilton High School students
Paul and his team at Alma Mater are top notch! I have been using their services for the last three years and I would never think of going anywhere else.
- Omar H
I am forever grateful with Paul! Last Nov I applied to UCLA, UCI and UCR, but since the beginning my hopes were high of getting into UCLA.
- Heidy N. ~ Accepted to UCLA as a transfer
Paul's extensive knowledge of the application system gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals.
- Manuel C. ~ Hacienda Heights High School
Paul is a caring person who runs a professional business.  He listens to your concerns and needs and does his best to fit you with a tutor who will help your child succeed.
- Rosemary S. ~ Mother of Windward School student
My work with Paul Nicholas, CEO of Alma Mater Educational Services was nothing short of perfect. Paul is the perfect balance of professional and personable.
Paul has consistently provided excellent tutors to support our daughter academically. Beyond that, he has invaluable insight into learning styles and an uncanny ability to match personalities.
We hired Alma Mater Tutors for my husband’s little brother and have been incredibly impressed with the services of both the company and the tutor assigned.
I can't say enough good things about Paul.  He goes out of his way to make an unpleasant task (exams, ugh!) stress-free and comfortable.
Because of how comfortable he made me, I passed with an A!
- Kristin C. ~ UC Berkeley Extension student
Alma Mater Tutors will work with even the most insane schedules, make sure that you are well-informed every step of the way, and vanquish any test anxiety you may have.
Paul (the president) has been very helpful and patient with me. He went out of his way to help me with my personal statement and interview preparation.
Paul, the owner of this company, has found a host of amazing veteran tutors to launch this new company!!! I have known him since grade school (15 years) and he is an honest, hardworking, funny and kind business man (and friend).
He is ON TOP of everything. His tutor/student matching skills are phenomenal.
We are thrilled with the tutor and with the way she and Paul conduct themselves at every juncture.
I cannot recommend Alma Mater Tutors highly enough. I am eternally grateful to Paul and his team.
For anyone who is looking out there for tutoring or proctoring services, look no further than Alma Mater. You will be very pleased with your decision.