It’s no secret- I hate math. Detest it, really. But, a year after I left college, it was the only thing standing in the way of me receiving my BA. I finally decided to take an online course from my college back in New York to finish my degree, and soon, the date for the final was upon me.

However, I was at a loss to find a proctoring service. Everywhere I went to turned me away as soon as I mentioned that I could only take the test over the weekend, or told me about a complicated process where I would have to fill out paperwork, wait at least a week for someone to approve me, and then, IF they did, fill out some more paperwork and wait for further instruction.

Frustrated, and at a loss for time, I went to Google and found a link to Alma Mater Tutors. A few moments later I was on the phone with Paul, the president of the company, who, after I explained my predicament (including the fact that I had to take the test THAT weekend), said: Great! How does Saturday work for you?

It was that simple. Paul kept in touch with me throughout the week, updating me on the communication between him and my professor, and answering any questions I had.

Paul is incredibly personable and dedicated to setting up the best testing experience for you. He set up my exam at the West Hollywood Public Library, reserving a study room overlooking the Hollywood hills. He even offered to play some music for the tests duration- turning on the Pandora station of my choice so I didn’t have to listen to mind-numbing silence for two hours. I have never been more at ease taking a math exam in my life!

To put it simply: If you need a proctoring service, look no further. Alma Mater Tutors will work with even the most insane schedules, make sure that you are well-informed every step of the way, and vanquish any test anxiety you may have. Thank you, AMT!4NpA3acw