I recently took a class from UC Berkeley and had to take a proctored final exam.  Organic Chemistry…just the name of the class strikes terror into the hearts of the most learned students.
I was terrified of the final.
I called around, looking for a place where I could take my exam.  Finding a proctor isn’t as easy as you’d think…in fact, it’s quite difficult.  Libraries don’t do it (contrary to what the university says).  Proctoring centers treat you like a criminal (roll up your sleeves, pull up your shirt, etc…).  A friend of mine said that when she went for her proctored exam, she was so stressed by the patdown beforehand she was mortified and humiliated by the time she started the final.  I’m 47 years old and don’t need that sort of treatment.
When I read the reviews of Alma Mater, and of Paul specifically, I was heartened.
I called, and he was so sweet.  He seemed to care more about my comfort than anything else.  He (and I) had to deal with delays in receiving the final exam, and he was constantly rescheduling my exam due to the university’s delays.
Finally, the day came, and I met him at the Beverly Hills Library. (His recommended location.)
He was spot on vis-a-vis this location.  It was quite posh, very comfortable, and quiet.  He brought everything I could possibly need- extra paper, pens, pencils, and even earplugs.  He left me alone, except to check on me from time to time to be sure I was doing well.  He kept reiterating that his top priority was MY comfort.
Paul is super professional, and very caring.
If it wasn’t for his caring self, I think I’d have panicked my way into blowing the final.
Because of how comfortable he made me, I passed with an A!
Look no further–it’s worth the drive.  (I drove 2 hours to get to him.)  Paul rocks and if/when I do another proctored exam, I will look no further.